Short Term: – 18 months or less (Membership; Charity, Education; & Fellowship)

  1. Maintain current membership at 100 or better in active DFW Ganders
    • Initiation months will be – October & February
    • Seek/recruit 20+ new members
    • Continue to develop a membership recruitment and retention strategy
    • Continue building membership momentum and participation in monthly and local special events hosted by the Pond to 50% of our total active members in attendance at each meeting/event.

  2. 2020 14th Annual Golf Tournament (Spring)
    • Set June 5th for tournament at Bear Creek
    • One Signature Sponsor
    • (17) Hole Sponsors
    • (3) Sponsors to consider for Breakfast/Lunch/Putting Contest Sponsors from Current Membership Only
    • A minimum of 20 Golf Teams (80 golfers), but not to exceed 25 teams (100 golfers)
    • Aggressively manage event expense
    • Seek at minimum a goal of $5,000 to be distributed to our beneficiaries from the proceeds after expenses are paid

  3. Scholarship
    • Award Scholarship(s) – goal is to distribute no more than $5,000 in annual scholarships
    • Redesign scholarship guidelines and application
    • Add to the availability of scholarship funds for a current Texas Blue Goose member, and criteria for eligibility (a three-year member who has consistently attended 4 or more meetings each Blue Goose year prior to application).
    • Maintain Scholarship Timeline and provide selection committee members with guideline of specific target dates for application submission, review and scholarship award.

  4. Charity endeavors for the fiscal year 2019/2020
    • Continue with the four beneficiaries of: North Texas Food Bank, Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Community Partners of Dallas and The Family Place.
    • Include charity endeavors in our special events, New Year Gala and at least 3 of our monthly meetings.
    • Increase Pond involvement engagement in the charity endeavors whether at our monthly meetings or at special events.
    • Goal is to have our charitable contributions equate to $200 per active dues paying member
    • Begin an evaluation process for new beneficiaries or maintaining current charity commitments by 2020.

  5. Marketing & Communication
    • Update each month the Pond’s Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter & Instagram pages
    • Promote our meetings, events and any advertising sponsors via the various Social Media platforms in conjunction with our newsletter

  6. Continue to build service goals for the Texas Pond Committee formality, ownership and independence – follow the Texas Pond Operating Procedures to get these committees fully operational in 2019-2020
    • Social Committee
      • Develop a committee of 4-5 ganders that will undertake creating and developing activities for our membership and the insurance industry in addition to the Pond Officers
      • Seek at least two activities not meeting related for the development of Fellowship.
      • Create and plan a New Year Kick Off Event with the proceeds going to the Texas Pond Scholarship Program and one other beneficiary
      • Follow –up on Event and with all guests/potential members
    • Charity Committee
      • Acts as the Beneficiary Liaison to all chosen Beneficiaries of the Pond
      • 4-5 Ganders needed to assist, each being assigned to one of the Beneficiaries for their primary focus and single point of contact.
    • Scholarship Committee
      • 5 Ganders to assist with Scholarship Evaluation
    • Golf Committee
      • Establish a permanent Golf Committee, where each committee member will undertake the coordination and duties of this event for at least 2-3 years.
      • Coordinate the activities for the Texas Pond Golf Tournament, the Pond’s largest fund raiser for its beneficiaries.
      • Develop a committee of 5-6 ganders who will undertake the tasks of organizing, promoting, soliciting sponsors, and soliciting golfers
    • Membership Committee
      • Guest Relations member 5 – 6 Ganders (or one Gander for every 15- 20 members), who will also act as greeters at the meetings/events
      • Have the members of this committee be representative of both workers’ compensation as well as property industry.
      • Look to try bringing prior members back as active members.
      • Deliver to each newly initiated Gander a Welcome letter/package
      • Obtain information on each newly initiated Gander for a write-up about them to be published in the newsletter following initiation.

  7. Southern Region Grand Nest Convention Financial Commitment
    • $2,500/year (minimum)

  8. Encourage Ganders to attend the Blue Goose convention

Long Term – greater than 18 months

  1. Continue to support the Southern Region in hosting of the 2021 Convention targeted for Grapevine, Texas; July 13, 2021 – July 15,2021.
  2. Build leadership and succession planning thorough committee development.
  3. Develop guides for each committee to assist in the success and continuity of Pond’s goals.

Pond News

Texas Pond Calendar – 2020

The August 10th meeting of the Texas Pond will be via a Zoom call. Details will be sent to members or those that request an invite to the meeting.
If you are a Blue Goose – Texas Pond member, please go to Membership page and click on the Pay Dues link.
Tuesday, august 25th via zoom the HOBGI will host an awards night. Call information/link will be sent to members shortly.

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