Member Dues

2018/2019 Honorable Order of the Blue Goose

Dues on this site are being collected from current members who belong to one of the following Ponds/Puddles:

  • North Carolina (Charlotte & Raleigh)
  • Texas
  • Georgia Puddle
  • Oklahoma Puddle

 If you are a member of the Georgia or Oklahoma Puddle, you are considered a Gander of the Texas Pond. Dues are collected under the Texas Pond for payment to Grand Nest and the Southern Region.

Dual Membership to North Carolina or Texas Pond is $25.00 yearly and you must be a Gander in good standing from a different Pond (meaning you must have paid your dues to your Home Pond).  One cannot be a dual member to a Puddle, they must be linked to the Pond in which the Puddle is considered part of.

Via this site dues for all entities is $55 when paying via credit card.  If one pays in person with cash or check at their local meeting the amount is $50.

Out of your dues, $27 will be sent to Grand Nest and $5 will be sent to the Southern Region Fund.  The remaining amount is placed into the general account for each Pond and/or Puddle’s bank accounts.

Life members do not owe any dues, but if they want to make a donation in an amount equal to the dues amount they can do so.  We appreciate the support.

If you are not a member – do not pay dues here.  Please attend a meeting or reach out to the current officers of your Pond/Puddle an obtain a membership application.

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