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The 2018 12th Annual Texas Pond Golf Tournament

During our events, photos and videos may be taken for the benefit of HOBGI – Texas Pond. By attending, one has given their consent to the taking of these images and to the use of your likeness within the images for HOBGI’s use, including but not limited to promotional, charitable and commercial, among other uses.

Pond News

Texas Pond Blue Goose Time!

The Texas Pond’s monthly meeting will be Monday, February 11th at On The Border in Addison.  Highlights of the New Year’s Kick Off Event will be shared.  

The Texas Pond has set up a date for us to tour the new Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Frisco. Please refer to the Texas Pond’s February newsletter for some preliminary details on this event.  More details will be presented at the meeting.

The Texas Pond has set June 7th for our 13th Annual Golf Tournament at Bear Creek.  Details will be forth coming.

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