Welcome to the Blue Goose Texas Pond

The Honorable Order of Blue Goose International was founded in 1906 in Green Lakes, Wisconsin, when a group of fire underwriters thought it important for insurance professionals to have an organization that is neutral as to the company everyone worked for in order to focus on the principles of the Order. From somewhat inauspicious beginnings sprang an international fraternal organization of men and women who work in the property and casualty insurance industry.

These Cardinal Principles of Blue Goose are CHARACTER, CHARITY AND FELLOWSHIP, which we see as ‘giving back,’ to our communities in charity, to each other in fellowship and to ourselves in the development of character and integrity in the insurance business.

The Texas Pond Officers for 2023-2024

Most Loyal Gander

Jason Znoy
(C) 214-563-8875

Supervisor of the Flock

Stephanie Kirby
(C) 214-907-0073

Custodian of the Goslings

Jeff Thompson
(C) 214-499-5691

Guardian of the Pond

Mitch Williams
(C) 214-213-5751

Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg

Jim Devall
(C) 940-703-1423

Wielder of the Goose Quill

Linda Meik
(C) 682-715-5341