The Texas Pond Today


The Texas Pond -Dallas/Fort Worth area meets the second Monday of every month.

Dues: Effective October 1, 2019 the Texas Pond charges an annual fee of $70, $27 of that goes to Grand Nest, $5 goes to the Southern Region and the remainder is used to help fund pond expenses or activities.

Officers: They shall hold office for one year at each position or until their successors is found. The Pond Officers are:

  • Most Loyal Gander (MLG)
  • Supervisor of the Flock (SOF)
  • Custodian of the Goslings (COG)
  • Guardian of the Pond (GOP)
  • Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg (KGGE)
  • Wielder of the Goose Quill (WGQ)
  • Permanent Wielder (PW)

The Puddles are made up of the following Officers:

  • Puddle Loyal Gander (Puddle Leader)
  • Puddle Supervisor (Big Toad)
  • Puddle Guardian (Polliwog)
  • Puddle Custodian (Croaker)

Fiscal Year: Shall begin on July 1st and end on June 30th of each year.

Members: are known as Ganders and those waiting to go through the initiation process/ceremony are known as Goslings.

Life Members: A Gander who has been a member in good standing for 25+ years upon reaching the age of 70.

Dual Member: A Gander that pays dues and is in good standing with one or more Ponds.

Delegates: A maximum of two delegates can represent the Pond at the Grand Nest Convention. The Texas Pond supports the delegates by paying for their registration at the Early Bird Rate.

Executive Committee: Empowered in the intervals between meetings, to transact routine business needing immediate attention. It consists of the MLG, SOF and WGQ.

Quorum: Ten Ganders of a Pond shall constitute a quorum.

Vacancies: Offices of the Pond shall be filled by the Most Loyal Gander who may or may not present the replacement name to the membership for a vote.

Operating Procedures: A specific guide for the Texas Pond and Executive Officers to utilize in conjunction with the Constitution and By-Laws of Blue Goose A copy of these procedures can be obtained by any Texas Pond member from the Wielder of the Goose Quill.

Committees: (As outlined in the Operating Procedures). The Most Loyal Gander upon accession of office to appoint the Standing Committees. Also, he/she has the authority to appoint any Special Committees authorized by this Pond or deemed necessary by the Most Loyal Gander during his/her term of office. The Standing Committees shall consist of three (3) or more members and their duties shall be:

To Organize and hold an Annual Golf Outing at a date, time and location to be determined by the committee. Plans shall include a budget showing income and expenses. The surplus from this event must go into the Pond treasury. Within thirty (30) days following the event, provide the Pond with a detailed financial accounting of the activity to include income, expenses and disposition of surplus, if any.

AUDIT: : (Chaired by Lead Auditor) (Committee will consists of the Executive Leadership except for the KGGE)
Auditor balances the Pond check book immediately upon receipt of each monthly bank statement. Reviews the financial books and records of the Pond, verify additions and subtractions in checkbook and ledger, verify that disbursements were properly authorized and are for the benefit of the Pond and that all Pond receipts have been deposited into the Pond’s bank account. Present to the Executive Leadership a report on all financial activities for final approval at the Annual Leadership Meeting.

OPERATING PROCEDURES: (Chaired by Permanent Wielder) (Committee consists of the last three Past MLGs or any Gander who has been a member in good standing for ten (10) or more years)
The committee will meet yearly to review the Operating Procedures and make any recommendations for amendments or revisions so that the Operating Procedures are always current and consistent with the Pond’s goals and objectives. Recommendations are to be presented to the Executive Committee for a vote and approval for implementation. Any approved amendments are to be immediately attached to the master copy. Revisions become the master copy.

The WGQ will record the minutes of this meeting and document revisions within this document accordingly. Any changes once documented and incorporated within, will be presented to the membership and each officer will maintain a copy.

This committee will also oversee any educational scholarships that the Pond might support or sponsor. This committee will also be responsible for preparing Grand Nest reports or completing surveys from the Grand Nest concerning education.

Committee formed for the purpose of marketing and inviting eligible candidates to join the TEXAS POND. This committee will also be responsible for assisting with the completion of membership related reports for the Grand Nest. The committee will greet all members as they arrive at the meetings or Pond events and welcome all guests. The committee will call each member and/or guest from a previous meeting and remind them of the meeting or details of the upcoming event.

The GOP will also obtain a brief summary/biography on each new initiated Gosling and submit to the Communications Committee one week prior to the next Pond Honker publication.

Committee formed for the purpose of facilitating the charitable endeavors of the Pond. This committee will be responsible for documenting the charitable works of the Pond membership and preparing the Grand Nest Report prior to each annual convention.

Committee formed for the purpose of promoting fellowship of and with the Texas Pond membership and guests. This fellowship may be through gatherings for a Holiday Celebration, summer picnic or other family events for the Texas Pond. This committee may work in conjunction with the Charity Committee to help create events with a charity focus.

Committee formed for the purpose of conveying information to our membership, as well as to the industry at large. The committee will be responsible for the publication of the Pond Honker, website, press releases, and/or other forms of Pond communications.